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The Hodhod team is a champion of the championship of the deceased Shaher Abdel-Haq.

The championship cup of the deceased / Shaher Abdel-Haq....


Opening of the championship of the late Shaher Abdelhak 2021

A distinguished opening for the late Shaher Abdel-Haq football championship...


A ceremony honoring ideal managers and employees for the second half of 2017

The International Bank of Yemen held a ceremony honoring ideal managers and employees in addition to retired employees for the second half of the year...

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Closing the anti-money laundering and terrorist financing cycle in banks

In order to get acquainted with the measures that must be taken in banks to combat the crime of money laundering and terrorist financing in accordance...


The International Bank of Yemen saves the Yemeni market from collapse by 60%

In light of the bad conditions of the war, the International Bank of Yemen was able to maintain its banking balance in the Yemeni market in general, w...


The conclusion of an effective negotiation skills course

Success in life is closely related to a person's ability to negotiate, and that ability is one of the most important tools for an individual to achiev...


The conclusion of the course to strengthen the capabilities of managers in setting priorities for urgent issues of the bank

The goal of enhancing thinking, planning and coordination among managers in dealing strategically with the banking work environment and the priorities...


International Bank of Yemen achieved profits exceeded 100% out of the capital

The General Assembly of the International Bank of Yemen approved in the meeting today in Sana'a to raise the bank's capital out of 15 billion to 16 bi...


Conclusion of the session (using information to make decisions)

IBY is a secure online experience. You can manage your money and cards, set savings goals, check your balance, manage bills, schedule payments and mor...


Shopping with credit cards through the IBY's POS network

According to the liquidity crisis that governs the country, IBY inaugurates POS service with latest updates, linking to networks of VISA, AMERICAN EXP...