Money Transfer

Transfers in safest and easiest way possible

IBY provides (with all its branches nationwide) Money Transfer service IN/OUT in international currencies through our intermediary network banks worldwide.

Incoming foreign remittances

  • The customer must have an account with the International Bank of Yemen in order for the transfers to be credited to his account the moment they arrive
  • Amounts received in dollars are credited to clients' accounts without any deducted commission
  • Remittances received in other than the dollar currency, the bank deducts amounts from 5 to 10 dollars as a commission for the bank

Outgoing outward remittances

Foreign remittances are passed to all countries of the world and in international currencies according to the following conditions:

  • The customer fills out the form for external transfers from any of the bank’s branches located inside Yemen.
  • The form must contain the full address of the sender inside Yemen (the name of the transferring company - the name of the owner of the company - the commercial register - the city and the state- the phone number)

The beneficiary's data must be correct and complete (full beneficiary name - beneficiary address - his account number or IBAN - the name of the beneficiary bank and the beneficiary's bank swift

The purpose of the remittance must be clearly stated, and a copy of the invoice stamped with the beneficiary’s stamp on it, indicating the description and type of goods, must be attached

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Money Transfer

Transfers in safest and easiest way possible

Frequently Asked Questions

The Supreme Administration of the bank established a new department called Al-hodhod particular to take care of our customers abroad.
You may contact us on
Land phone: 01-407000
Cell: 735888444

  • Fast Transferring from/to your bank accounts.
  • Free ATM card.
  • Easy Access to the accounts via free electronic Banking Service.
  • The interest can be counted based on a minimum credit through a month; its entry will be every six months (semiannual) to the account.
  • 24-hour ability to deposit/ withdraw your money via Bank ATMs over all areas in Yemen.
  • Free periodically account statement.
  • E-banking Service.
  • Free SMS regarding to account turnover issued upon request of the customer.
  • 24-Hour free online E-banking Service.

Deposit accounts either are available for all customers' retails, institutions, or businesspersons. They all can get benefit of investing their money with high competitive interests for different periods of links up to one year. They can open accounts in either local currency or foreign currencies.

Getting a free Visa Electron card.

  • Take advantage of online services 'Messaging Bank', 'the phone Bank'.
  • Get what you need from loans and advances to meet your needs with exclusive conditions. Free Balance and financial movements executed on your account by signing up for the service SMS is free of charge.
  • Free SMS

As far as you open an account, you get free ATM card.

Free phone number via CDM: 800600 or GSM: 6000

Available for all customer inquiries through phone bank service 24 hours-7 days.

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