Privacy Policy

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Attentively You shall read The terms, conditions and regulations of IBY carefully to raise up the level of security for banking service online.

  • The client must inform the International Bank of Yemen at once of any unauthorized use of his account or any other breach of security aspects.
  • The clerk agrees to comply with all laws and regulations and the legislation applied locally and internationally.
  • The Clerk has full responsibility for all acts or missions resulting from Misusing of the account or password, including the particular information of processing that you implement across the bank.
  • In case of the bank, its shareholders, its subsidiaries, affiliates, its directors or employees, exposed to any harm as a result of irregular use to the bank's website, the customer admits and undertakes to the equivalent compensation to the damage passed against him estimated by from any content authority.
  • The client undertakes to have proper use of the site and be blocked to any attempts to unauthorized access to any accounts or services or other unauthorized systems to him, by any means or any form that could threaten the security and safety of the site.
  • There is no any guarantee
  • There are no guarantees for any links or connections associated with bank sites by a third party, since this information or services rendered as it is by the third party
    IBY is not liable to any prospective events that may occur as a result of virus presence on the server or service provider as well as is not liable for any partial or full pause as a result of unusual problems out control of Bank Administration.
  • IBY provides electronic services to its customers without bearing ant responsibilities neither directly nor indirectly that may occur accidentally or privately that resulted from the service use or inability to use or any changes accidental or private, may have to use the Service or the inability to use, or any changes thereto or any unauthorized access to or modification of data or any whether or not the material was being sent and received, or any transactions entered into through the Service.
  • IBY reserves the right to change mentioned in the pages of these websites anytime without any previous notice.