MasterCard Debit

Secured way around the world

(MasterCard Debit) from the International Bank of Yemen, in which the amounts are deducted directly from your bank account, providing you with various advantages which designed to suit all your needs. Our Cards provide you a secured way to withdrew cash and make your personal purchases at many shops, restaurants and hotels around the world and 24/7.

Cards from Yemen International Bank offers you the following features and services:

Payment Services

  • Ability to make purchases at any local or international POS transaction.
  • Possibility to withdraw cash through more than 300 ATMs nationwide and abroad.
  • Possibility of cash withdrawals through POS (Cash - advance) locally or abroad.

Secure smart card supported by the (EMV) chip and PIN.

SMS notification service to follow all withdrawals and purchases transactions .


IBY's master card debit cards enable you to subscribe and take advantage of the following online services:

  • Worldwide acceptance.
  • Possibility of using IBY'S ATMs and other international banks.
  • Ability to use the cards in all POS of IBY in Yemen or abroad.
  • Take advantage of E-commerce services online.
  • No need to hold cash.

The conditions :

1. Owning an active bank account in the currency of the dollar or riyal.

2. Fill out the application form and sign it.

3. A valid ID card.

4. A sum of money in the account of no less than 200 thousand Yemeni riyals or 500 US dollars supplied in cash.

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SMS Banking

Contacting 24-hour from anywhere in the world

Internet Banking

Anytime and anywhere transaction in the world

Frequently Asked Questions

The Supreme Administration of the bank established a new department called Al-hodhod particular to take care of our customers abroad.
You may contact us on
Land phone: 01-407000
Cell: 735888444

  • Fast Transferring from/to your bank accounts.
  • Free ATM card.
  • Easy Access to the accounts via free electronic Banking Service.
  • The interest can be counted based on a minimum credit through a month; its entry will be every six months (semiannual) to the account.
  • 24-hour ability to deposit/ withdraw your money via Bank ATMs over all areas in Yemen.
  • Free periodically account statement.
  • E-banking Service.
  • Free SMS regarding to account turnover issued upon request of the customer.
  • 24-Hour free online E-banking Service.

Deposit accounts either are available for all customers' retails, institutions, or businesspersons. They all can get benefit of investing their money with high competitive interests for different periods of links up to one year. They can open accounts in either local currency or foreign currencies.

Getting a free Visa Electron card.

  • Take advantage of online services 'Messaging Bank', 'the phone Bank'.
  • Get what you need from loans and advances to meet your needs with exclusive conditions. Free Balance and financial movements executed on your account by signing up for the service SMS is free of charge.
  • Free SMS

As far as you open an account, you get free ATM card.

Free phone number via CDM: 800600 or GSM: 6000

Available for all customer inquiries through phone bank service 24 hours-7 days.

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