Shopping with credit cards through the IBY's POS network

Shopping with credit cards through the IBY's POS network

According to the liquidity crisis that governs the country, IBY inaugurates POS service with latest updates, linking to networks of VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS, and MASTER CARDS in addition to link the service to the national distributor system that enables the other public banks in Yemen to pay online to supermarkets, commercial stores and restaurants within networks of bank. It is to expand it to cover all different provinces in Yemen spreading more than 500 POS. This POS services is currently available in the Capital Secretariat, Sanaa through the following locations:

Sharaqa Mall- Taiz St.

Dhamran Center—Faj Attan

MAM- Alaqsar St.

Altufir Hire- Hadda

Sudia Supermarket- 22 May St

Max Fashion – Alroaishan Roundabout

Altufir Hire- Asr

Alhammadi Supermarket- Hadda City St.

Alazani Commercial Center- Taiz St. Alqasr st.

Carfor- Almaqaleh Street

Sky Moll- Almaqaleh St.

Paris Gallery- Libyan Center

CPC Moll- 50th St.

50 Star 50th St

Abeer Alzahoor- Hotel Hadda St

Happy Land – Alroaishan Roundabout

Aljeraf Mini Market- Nawkashwat St.

Baby Shop – Alroishan Roundabout

Shumailalh Harri- 22 May Street

king Market- Hayel Street

Sony - Hadda Str.

Aljandool Supermarket Haddda St.

East Middle Supermarket- Ayah Roundabout

Clear Vision Hadda Street

Athman Supermarket / Amatar SS.

Majesty- Libyan Center-Yemen Moll

Royal- Libyan Center