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About IBY

International Bank of Yemen: trust and safety

International Bank of Yemen was established in 1979. Subsequently, the bank became on top of the national banks that emerged after the revolution in September 26, 1962. During the forty years of its establishment, the bank worked sincerely to build a national force of healthy capital capable of bringing the Republic of Yemen into the heart of the time and its spirit of civilization and development.

IBY has adopted the modernization approach applied in contemporary banking industry to catch-up the rapid developments in this domain in making very critical renewals in international commerce and transferring capitals across the world by most updating technologies that make the world as a small village. Likewise, IBY supported investment and all sectors of commercial activity; worked in the areas of Yemeni agricultural and industrial development; providing individuals and commercial houses by the latest banking technology products which suit all customers' needs. The bank worked to meet the requirements of its customers and dealers in accordance with the latest developments in modern banking technology. It was the first bank operating in the Republic of Yemen to introduce the automated teller system (ATM); developed and expanded credit cards; introduced the Internet dealing system, and encouraged the issuance of the electronic payment law, making it a living reality before the decree was issued.

Today, IBY operates through 26 branches nationwide, and it plans to open a branch outside the Republic of Yemen. It is also the first bank in the republic to provide the point of sale (PoS) service that has spread in the republic, with more than five hundred points, in addition to the electronic distribution channels that include Phone Banking and Short Messages (SMS).

We strive to be the leading banking institution in the Yemeni market by making all efforts to provide good service to the customer

Our mission:

Enhancing the value and confidence with customers, shareholders and all the public through the commitment to maintain the highest level of proficiency and performance